You're in Control the Entire Time

You're in control over what you spend, if anything, at each step of the process. There are no surprise fees and our final price will never exceed our quote for the work being quoted.

1. The evaluation is FREE and there is NO OBLIGATION to accept our quote.

2. You only agree upfront, to pay our minimum fee ONLY if we can do your recovery for that amount.

If your recovery will cost even one cent above our minimum price, we will call to obtain your express permission before moving forward. Ultimately, if we are not able to recover your data, there is no charge for our service.

Before you do anything else, turn off the failed device.

When a hard drive fails, the very best thing you can do to improve your chance of a quick, inexpensive data recovery is to turn the drive OFF and cease troubleshooting efforts.

Sometimes the next time a drive spins up, is the last time a drive spins up. If your hard drive is physically compromised, turning it off will prevent further damage to the delicate mechanisms inside.

Fill out the Form

Before we can examine your drive and provide an evaluation of its potential for recovery, we'll need you to provide us written authorization first. Our form is designed to be filled out with your keyboard and your mouse prior to printing. All you need to open and complete the form is Foxit Reader (Free Download) or you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Free Download)

Then — Fill it in / Print it Out / Sign, Initial and Date / Bring it with your Device.

Get us the Drive

Whether you ship or hand-deliver your damaged hard drive or other storage devices to our home-based lab, you'll need to assure that the authorization form is completely filled out, signed, dated, and initialed. Our address is at the top of the form.

24/7/365 Dead Drive Drop-Off (Show me How)

You may leave your drive and signed authorization form on our front porch in the receptacle provided.

We perform a FREE evaluation

After we receive your drive, we'll determine which type of recovery it needs — logical or physical — and prepare a quote based on our findings. Our preference is that we can perform a logical recovery on your device rather than send it off to our cleanroom. Unfortunately, there are no clean rooms in the midwest. They are all on the west coast with the exception of a few back east.

Once we've determined which recovery you need, our resulting quote will be a range much more narrow than what we discussed on the phone.

Approve or Reject our quote

Sometimes it makes sense to go forward at the price quoted. Sometimes it doesn't. Clearly, if it costs less time and money to recreate the data, then you're better off doing that.

We understand that nobody budgets for data recovery. If our quote doesn't make financial sense, we're not at all offended if you decline service. We understand that data holds different value to different people in a variety of situations.

We do the work, or Cancel the Service

If you elect to move forward after receiving our quote, we get to work. Fingers crossed and the magic begins. If we fail, however, to pull a rabbit out of our hats, the service is FREE. We only collect money if we get what you want at a price you have approved.

Should you elect NOT to move forward with your recovery you pay nothing. (Elective fees such as priority service, however, are non-refundable.)

You have nothing to lose.
You have your lost data to gain, or it's FREE.


Paying for a Completed Recovery?

Choose a payment method:

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*No fee guarantee applies to
recovery fees only. Any elective fees still apply.