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Crashed Hard Drive Recovery is a home-based business located in far Northwest Oklahoma City and has been recovering data for Oklahomans as well as other customers from around the nation. Mark W. Mumma began recovering data from broken-down hard drives back in 2002 after losing his own data one too many times. In 2006, Mark saw a need for this service locally as no data recovery services existed in Oklahoma City at that time.

In 2008 Mark partnered with DriveSavers Data Recovery in Novato California to handle physical recoveries. Between Mark's home-based lab and DriveSaver's state of the art ISO-5 cleanroom in California, Crashed Drive Recovery will absolutely get your data if it is gettable.

Logical Recovery

Logical recoveries are done entirely with software. We utilize a blend of off-the-shelf as well as proprietary software to recover data from hard drives that have become unreadable. This type of recovery is priced based on how much data comes back in usable form. We never recover files with missing sectors as these files will be corrupted and unusable.

Physical Recovery

Physical recoveries involve opening the hard drive and exposing the platters. Physical recovery should never be done outside of a dust and particle free environment known as a clean room.

We'll Get your Data — or our work is FREE!

Offering a guarantee like this makes us highly motiviated to recover your data. (We want to get paid.) Losing data is stressful enough. There is no need to compound an already stressful situation by charging a customer for failure. We only charge for success!

Having performed countless data recovery jobs, we have the experience needed to know when to move forward, when to stop attempting recovery and when to bring in the physical recovery specialists. We hope we never have to send a customer's drive to the cleanroom, but sometimes that is the only way we'll see data again from a drive that has failed.

With our success rate, you can rest assured that there is nobody more capable in the entire state of Oklahoma to get back that which you have lost. Our dozens of five-star reviews tell the story. Check them out today!

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