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The pricing shown below is subject to change without notice. Prices listed here supersede prices listed anywhere else on the Internet. With that in mind, we offer the following pricing scale and offer some typical job costs here.

  No Recovery / No FEE!* $0*
  Data Recovery $125/hr.
  Data Transfer to CD-R $15 per CD-R (flat-rate)
  Data Transfer to DVD-R $35 per DVD-R (flat-rate)
  Data Transfer to External Drive (50gb or less) $7 per gigabyte
  Data Transfer to External Drive (50.01gb to 150gb) $6 per gigabyte
  Data Transfer to External Drive (150.01gb +) $900 Flat Rate
  Data Transfer to Flash Drive $8 per gigabyte
  8gb Flash Drive $29 each
  16gb Flash Drive $49 each
  500gb External Sata Drive $79 each
  1,000gb External Sata Drive $119 each

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