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There is a FREE program that you can use to quickly and easily backup your data to one or more external hard drives. With this program, there is no excuse not to backup your data.

This tutorial tells you how to backup your critical data using the FREE program: Mr. Mirror.

Mr. Mirror download link:

Backing up your files step by step:
  1. Download Mr. Mirror version 1.2 using the download link above.
  2. Open the download file. (If you cannot open this file, download PeaZip using the other link above)
  3. Locate the Setup Application in the ZIP file and run it. (if it won't run, extract the ZIP first) (You will need to click "Next" and "Yes" one or more times until "Finish")
  4. Run Mr. Mirror and choose your Target Drive (your external drive letter.)
  5. Add files and keep the Volume #1 filename by clicking 'OK' when prompted. To backup "My Documents" do this: A) Add C:\Documents and Settings\YourName (in Win95/98/XP) B) Add C:\Users\YourName (in WinVista/7/8) Add folders by double clicking the folder to add, then click 'OK.'
  6. Select Recurse Subdirectories and click 'OK.'
  7. Open the 'Advanced Options' under the 'Options Menu.'
  8. Select the 'Volume Settings' tab.
  9. Uncheck 'Include Drive Subdirectory' and 'Include Mirror Subdirectory.'
  10. Click 'OK' three times.
  11. Select 'Ignore' button at the bottom of Mr. Mirror.
  12. Uncheck 'Ignore Hidden Files'.
  13. For now, if you run Windows 95/97/XP go ahead and leave 'Ignore System Files' checked. If you run Windows Vista/7/8, uncheck 'Ignore System Files.'
  14. You can add file extensions here if you want to ignore certain files. For example, to ignore User.dat, add 'DAT' to the exclude list.
  15. Click OK.
  16. Make sure 'All' is selected for Process.
  17. Click Update.
  18. When the backup is finished a summary will appear.
  19. Click 'OK.'
  20. Click 'Exit.'
  21. Click 'Yes' if asked to save volume info.
  22. Swap drives and repeat every Friday.
Contact me with any questions and I will do my best to answer them.

This is how to backup your files for free with Mr. Mirror. If you want to know how to backup your files for free with other methods, please do a search for "how to backup your files for free"

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