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Using Dropbox to receive your Recovered Data

When around 2gb or less data is recovered from your storage media, Crashed Hard Drive Recovery uses Dropbox to deliver recovered data back to you. Receiving your recovered data is very easy if you follow the steps below:

Follow these steps to get your Data:

  1. Download Dropbox at
  2. Create a Dropbox account using the same email address you provided to us on our Authorization Form.
  3. After you've paid your invoice, you will receive a Dropbox invitation in your email inbox to join a "shared folder".
  4. After receiving the invitation, log in to Dropbox web site and accept the invitation by clicking notification icon.
  5. Over the next several minutes your recovered data will download to a subfolder of Dropbox consisting of your last name and first name separated by a comma and underscore. (e.g. My Documents / My Dropbox / Doe,_John.)
  6. Call us if you run into any difficulty or have any questions about Dropbox.

MAKE A COPY of your Recovered Data

IMPORTANT: MOVE OR COPY your Recovered Data from the Drobox Folder within seven (7) days. Recovered Data carries a seven (7) day warranty. Make a backup copy of recovered data immediately before editing ANY of recovered files.

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